Specific K-9 Functions & Situations

Although, many of the listed K-9 feats are able to perform more than 1 task, there is no 1 particular type of K-9 that could possibly master all the individual functions that Police K-9 feats are used for in Law Enforcement! Therefore, different breeds of K-9 feats may be used for various functions and may be trained for different situations in the Law Enforcement field. Some of these are:
  • Search and rescue dogs (SAR) are used to locate suspects or find missing people or objects. Bloodhounds are often used for this task due to their sense of smell and instinct.
  • Detection dogs or explosive-sniffing dogs are used to detect illicit substances such as drugs or explosives which may be carried on a person in their effects. In many countries, Beagles are used in airports to sniff luggage for items that are not permitted; due to their friendly nature and appearance, the Beagle does not worry most airplane passengers.
  • Arson dogs are trained to pick-up on traces of accelerants at sites of suspected arson.
  • Cadaver dogs are trained in detecting the odor of decomposing bodies. Dogs' noses are so sensitive that they are even capable of detecting bodies that are under running water.