Cemetery Perpetual Care Work

Please note that monuments, flat markers and anything placed on the lot by the family is not covered through perpetual care.

The Cemetery office often receives work order requests for perpetual care work including filling holes, loaming and seeding (and other work which may be done for a fee) throughout the year.

Requesting Perpetual Care

There are 2 ways to request perpetual care work on your lot:
  1. Please fill out the Work Order form (PDF)
    • Include the lot number or name of someone buried in that lot. This will help us find the location.
    • Be as specific as possible with the work you would like performed.
    • Include your contact information (so that we may contact you if we have questions and to let you know when the work is complete).
    • Fax to 978-446-7284 or send us an email
  2. You may also call in a work order request at 978-970-3323