Who We Serve

The Law Department provides a high level of professional legal services and is responsible for providing legal representation and advice to the City and its officials including:

  • Boards and Commissions
  • City Council
  • City Manager
  • School Committee
  • School Department
  • Various City departments and their department heads

Services Provided

The Law Department is responsible for providing legal representation and advice to the City in numerous areas of the law, including but not limited to:

  • Administrative Proceedings
  • Civil Rights
  • Contracts
  • Defense of Various Tort Claims
  • Drafting Local Legislation
  • Drafting Opinions
  • Employment
  • Real Estate
  • School Law
  • Tax Title Takings
  • Union Negotiations
  • Workers' Compensation
  • Zoning


In addition, the Law Department also oversees the Election Office, the License Commission Office, the Municipal Hearing Officer Program, the Tax Title division, the Workers' Compensation office, and in-house nurse case manager and City physician services.

Election Office

The Election Office is responsible for all aspects of the voting process. Throughout the year, the Election Office registers voters and provides voter lists and other public information. The office also maintains a list of trained temporary poll workers and wardens to staff each precinct.

License Commission Office

The License Commission Office services the needs of the License Commission, as well as residents and license holders. The office is staffed primarily by a full-time administrator, along with the assistance of Law Department attorneys and other Law Department support staff.

Last year, the office increased public access to all License Commission agendas, minutes and relevant forms by making such material available on its own City web page. Such efforts will continue this year by making the Commission's calendar and rules and regulations available online.

Municipal Hearing Office Program

The Municipal Hearing Officer program commenced June 2011. Currently, this program includes appeals for Zoning and Sanitary violations, as well as Animal Control violations, and Parking violations. In the near future, the program will expand to include 21D violations and both Fire and Building Code violations.

Tax Title Division

The Tax Title Division oversees efforts to collect all delinquent tax bills due the City. The Tax Title Division works closely with other municipal offices, most particularly the Treasurer's office and municipal permit-granting departments such as Development Services. The Tax Title Division also oversees tax title payment plans.

Workers' Compensation Office

The Workers' Compensation Office oversees all injured on-duty claims for the city, school and public safety officers. Along with receiving the assistance of Law Department attorneys and other Law Department support staff, the office is staffed primarily by a:

  • Full time workers' compensation agent
  • Part-time city physician
  • Part-time medical billing claims processor
  • Part-time nurse case manager

In recent years, this office has seen great success in overseeing the significant reduction in the average duration of employees receiving injured benefits as well as an overall reduction in the expenditure of such benefits. This office is committed to ensuring that all employees receive prompt, high quality medical treatment.