Tax Title Process

What is a Tax Title? 

A Tax Title is a lien placed on a property for nonpayment of property taxes. The Tax Title gives the City the right to foreclose on the delinquent property and claim right to ownership as well as the right to sell the tax lien on the property in a public auction to a winning bidder.

What are my options if I have a Tax Title for nonpayment of taxes?

A tax title is a lien placed on property to enforce collection of property taxes and is removed when the property tax account is paid in full with the City Treasurer.  

A taxpayer may redeem the property either by making full payment of all taxes, interest and fees with the City Treasurer. Once paid in full the Treasurer can issue and file (with the registry of deeds for a fee) an official acknowledgment called a certificate of redemption, showing that the account has been paid off in full, including all delinquent property taxes, penalties, fees and interest owed on the property.

Or by entering into a payment agreement with the Treasurer.

To enter into the Treasurer’s payment agreement, the taxpayer must pay: 

  1. The current year’s taxes and water/sewer bills in full,
  2. Any fees associated with the tax titled property (i.e. Land Court filing fees when applicable), and 25% of the delinquent taxes owed at the time the agreement is signed.

Furthermore, the entire balance must be paid within 10 months of entering into said agreement. Taxpayers must stay current on all taxes and water/sewer billing throughout the duration of the payment agreement.

Please contact the Tax Title office voicemail at 978-674-4231 if interested in a payment plan. 

Please contact the Treasurer’s office For Pay Off balances and Redemption certificates at 978-674-1702.