Projects Under Review

For those projects classified as Major Development and requiring public hearings, presentation materials are available for viewing online on the Wednesday prior to scheduled public hearings the following Monday.  This enables interested parties to view materials prior to their presentation to the Historic Board and prepare informed testimony for public hearings.  Please note that presentation materials are subject to change.

COVID-19 Notice: Lowell City Hall is currently open to the public Monday-Friday during all regular business hours. Per Governor Baker's executive order to waive certain open meeting law requirements, the Historic Board is meeting virtually using the Zoom videoconferencing platform

If you have any questions about current projects under review, please contact Acting Historic Board Administrator Jess Wilson at (978) 674-1472 or at

June 14 Meeting

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the meeting will not occur in-person. Please use one of these four options to access the meeting:

    1. Join via your computer, tablet, or smartphone: and enter the PASSCODE 587707
    2. Call (646) 558-8656 and enter the MEETING ID 840 9508 4538 and PASSCODE 587707.
    3. Watch LTC Channel 99
    4. Watch online at:

Public Hearing Items

Downtown Lowell Historic District - Current Projects

Acre Neighborhood District - Current Projects
545 Broadway Street (5/10/2021 meeting)

Belvidere Hill Neighborhood District - Current Projects
110 Mansur Street (6/14/2021 meeting)

Downtown Lowell Historic District - Past Projects
116 John Street (5/10/2021 meeting)
1 Perkins Street (5/10/2021 meeting)
52 Lawrence Drive (5/10/2021 meeting)
95 Bridge Street (5/10/2021 meeting)
719 Broadway Street (5/10/2021 meeting)
35 YMCA Drive (DLHD-20-13)
41 Warren Street (DLHD-20-09)
50 Payne Street (DLHD-20-11)
160 Middlesex Street (DLHD-20-04)
279 Dutton Street (DLHD-19-32)
509 Market Street (DLHD-19-24)
246.1 Market Street (DLHD-19-09)
138 Middlesex Street (DLHD-19-11)
193.1 and 239.1 Jackson Street - Appleton Mfg. Co. (DLHD-19-06)
484 Merrimack Street (DLHD-18-27)
555 Merrimack Street (DLHD-18-15)
672 Suffolk Street (DLHD-18-14)
10 George Street (DLHD-18-09)
151 Warren Street (DLHD-18-10)

Acre Neighborhood District - Past Projects
369 Broadway Street (5/10/2021 meeting)
61-69 Rock Street (AND-21-02)  8/10/20 Meeting
414 Broadway Street & 51-55 Willie Street (AND-21-03)  8/10/20 Meeting
 316 School Street (AND-19-01)
165-167 Adams Street (AND-18-03)
192 Suffolk Street (AND-18-01)

South Common Neighborhood District - Past Projects
42 Highland Street (SCND-19-01)