Site Finder Service

About the Site Finder Service

The City of Lowell maintains a database of commercial and industrial property currently available in Lowell known as the Site Finder Service.
This service is a free clearinghouse of real estate information that can assist companies interested in moving to Lowell to find the space they need. Accordingly, the Site Finder Service also provides real estate brokers and property owners with increased visibility for their market-ready properties.

Looking for a Space?

Our staff can help you find the right space in Lowell where your business can thrive and grow. Our database of available commercial and industrial properties in Lowell is updated on a regular basis. If you would like our assistance in locating a site, just complete our online Department of Planning and Development (DPD) - Business Information Request Form and we will follow up with you as quickly as possible.

Selling or Leasing a Space?

We would like your help in updating our database to reflect the most current information regarding the status of available commercial and industrial properties in the City of Lowell. Please contact us or you just send us a recent copy of your listing sheet to