Renewal Applicants

Tobacco Permit Application Instructions (Renewal Applicants)

In order to renew your tobacco permit, please submit the following documents to the Lowell Health Department, 107 Merrimack Street, Lowell, MA 01851:

1. The original of the completely filled out and signed Tobacco Permit Application. Note: Do not put the corporate information at the top of the form, as there is a section for it half-way down the form. The name you will be doing business as (DBA) should go at the top. Please add at least two different phone numbers to the form.

2. Copies of your state retailer licenses issued by the Massachusetts Department of Revenue. If your licenses are expired, you must first follow this link to renew them. Remember, if you plan on selling cigarettes AND cigars and smoking tobacco you will need TWO licenses:

  • Retailer License for the Sale of Cigarettes; and
  • Retailer License for the Sale of Cigars and Smoking Tobacco

Please note that your DBA name MUST appear on the state licenses. The same name MUST match the name at the top of the tobacco permit application from the Lowell Health Department. This IS NOT the corporate name, unless that is the only name you will be using.

3. A check or money order in the amount of $125.00 payable to the City of Lowell.

IMPORTANT: If there are outstanding tobacco fines or taxes owed to the City of Lowell on the business or property, they must be paid before the new tobacco permit is issued. Please contact the Treasurer's Office at (978) 674-4222 to determine if you have any outstanding payments.

For more detailed instructions on how to re-apply for a tobacco permit, please call (978) 674-1073.

  1. Cesar Pungirum

    Tobacco Control Director

  2. Tobacco Control Division

    Physical Address
    107 Merrimack St, 4th Flr
    Lowell, MA 01852

    Fax: 978-970-4011



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