Fire Investigation Unit

Located in the JFK Central Fire Station, members include:

  • Investigator Edward Lotti
  • Investigator Migdoel Gonzales
  • Detective Socrates Deno from Lowell Police Department

Office Phone: (978)674-4592

Office Hours: Tuesday - Friday, 7am to 5pm

  Under Massachusetts General Laws Chapter 148, Section 2. The head of the fire department (Fire Chief) shall investigate the cause and circumstances of a fire or an explosion that has destroyed or damaged property in order to determine if such fire or explosion was caused by carelessness or design or shall cause such investigation to be made by a member of the fire department.
In the City of Lowell, this responsibility has been delegated to the Lowell Fire Investigation Unit. The Fire Investigation Unit works closely with the State Fire Marshall's office to determine the origin (place where the fire started) and cause (how and why the fire started) of fires within the City of Lowell.