Emergency Management

Executive Summary


The Mission of the City of Lowell Emergency Management Team is to prevent, prepare for, protect against, respond to, recover from and mitigate the effects of manmade or naturally occurring disasters. The Office of Emergency Management is engaged in providing a safe and healthy environment. The safety of residents, visitors and public/private sector workforce are given the highest priority by maintaining Continuity of Government. The Team will accomplish this by planning, training and equipping in preparation of incidents which may occur in the City of Lowell.


  • Coordinate Emergency activities for the City of Lowell.

Emergency Management Department Overview

Chief Phillip AJ Charron - Emergency Management Director

Lt. Michael Callahan - Deputy Director of Emergency Management

Heather Tecce - Deputy Director of Emergency Management


In preparation of any and all hazards that may befall our City it is imperative that we prepare ourselves to protect our local residents, visitors, work staff and critical infrastructures from harm. A major aspect of preparation is the process of developing plans that will address all potential emergencies, whether they are intentional, accidental or acts of nature. It is the intent of The City of Lowell Office of Emergency Management to fulfill that role. The Emergency Management Team consists of representatives from Local Government and all City Departments working cooperatively during all phases of an incident.


Purpose of the Plan 

A crisis can erupt at any time and in any form. A fire, explosion, medical epidemic, water leak, power outage, hurricane, or bomb threat – the possibilities are infinite and unpredictable. Nonetheless, it is vital to plan for the unpredictable nature of “All Hazards”. Emergency Operations Centers, stockpiles of equipment and supplies, an integrated communications plan, a program of training and exercising are all developed in advance to help the city respond quickly and efficiently when a crisis strikes. The City of Lowell has a “Comprehensive Emergency Management Plan” that is reviewed annually.

Scope of the Plan 
As part of the National Preparedness effort and under the direction of the Presidential Policy Directive #8, it is the intent of this Plan to be consistent with the National Incident Management System (NIMS) as well as the Incident Command System (ICS). The City of Lowell has adopted (NIMS) as its management tool. This will enable The City of Lowell to use a comparable system in the coordination and management of incidents with outside responders and communities.

To fulfill the intent on a national level of preparedness, this Plan has focused on the five planning areas to achieve its mission, including:

  •  Prevention- meaning the capabilities necessary to avoid, deter or stop and imminent crime or threat from occurring. Prevention is the action this City is taking to prevent an actual incident from occurring.
  • Protection- is the capabilities to secure this City against acts of terrorism and man-made or natural disasters. Protection focuses on ongoing actions that protect residents, visitors, government and private sector employees from a threat or hazard.
  • Mitigation- is the capabilities necessary to stabilize an emergency once it has already occurred or is certain to happen in an unpreventable way. Mitigation actions eliminate or reduce the possibility of loss of life or injury and protect the property, by lessening the impact or an occurrence.
  • Response- is the actions necessary to stabilize an emergency after it has already happened. It is intended to establish a safe and secure environment, save lives and property and facilitate the transition to recovery.
  • Recovery- is the capabilities needed to assist the City affected by an event or incident in restoring a normal environment as quickly as possible.

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