Fire Prevention

BUYER BEWARE: Multiple family homes of (3) units or more may require a House Meter and Emergency Lights. Multiple family homes of (6) units or more will require the installation of monitoring before a Smoke Detector/Carbon Monoxide Certificate of Compliance is issued. Click the link below in regards to the purchase and sale of residential properties in Massachusetts.    **Lowell Fire Prevention is scheduling SDI and CO inspections with some restrictions**

*The NEW phone number for Lowell Fire Prevention is (978)674-4594*

NOTE: The downloadable PDF’s for Smoke & Carbon Monoxide detector requirements have been updated.

NOTE: You must have the year the property was built or substantially modified in order to schedule a smoke detector appointment. 

Fire Prevention Staff consists of:

  • Deputy Chief Frank Kelly
  • Lt. Michael Haught
  • Head Clerk Sherrold Vail
  • Inspector Walter Humphrey
  • Inspector Corey DeJesus
  • Inspector Tatiana Jarrie
  • Inspector Julio J. Pastrana

Fire Inspections

Many fires can be prevented through fire inspections and code enforcement. Fire inspections are performed by certified code enforcement officers on a predetermined schedule. Chapter 148 of the Massachusetts General Laws and 527 CMR serve as the required compliance code and regulations, along with other local building, fire, and life safety codes.


 Responsibilities also includes the issuing of permits for:

  • Blasting
  • Fire alarm and sprinkler installation
  • Fireworks
  • Propane 
  • Permits for Above Ground and Underground Tank Installation and Removal
  • Tent Structures

Inspections are performed on all occupancy types throughout the city of Lowell.


"The best way to reduce the damages of a fire is to prevent it."