Snow Emergency Parking

In the event that the City of Lowell declares a Snow Emergency, please note the following:
  1. All vehicles must be off the street within 6 hours of the declaration.
  2. City of Lowell residents who do not have off-street parking available to them are offered free parking in select City garages until the snow ban is lifted. The available facilities will be listed on the notice of parking ban.
    • Please note that if a special event is scheduled at or near the Ayotte Parking Garage, current Event Rates will apply.
  3. Once the Snow Emergency is lifted, any City of Lowell residents that have parked in the City Garages will have 2 hours to remove their vehicles without incurring any additional expenses.
    • Vehicles not removed within two hours will be assessed a fee from that time until the vehicle is removed.

If you have additional comments, questions, or concerns, please contact the Parking and Garages Department at 978-674-4014 for assistance.