Jackson/Appleton/Middlesex Plan

Plan Overview

Following decades of disinvestment and recognizing the need for substantial and direct public sector involvement, the Lowell City Council adopted the Jackson/Appleton/Middlesex Urban Revitalization and Development District (JAM) Plan (PDF), in early 2000. The JAM Plan was created in order to inject life into the redevelopment of the neighborhood that is located adjacent to the heart of Downtown Lowell.

Plan Progress

Since the creation of the state approved and locally adopted urban renewal district, significant public and private improvements and investments have materialized, representing millions in investment and new tax revenue for the City.

The first 11 years of the 20 year JAM Plan have included:
  • City initiatives to develop the 900-space Edward Early Jr. Parking Garage with ground floor retail space
  • Conversion of Middlesex Street to two-way operation supporting the businesses in the neighborhood.
  • Targeted redevelopment or rehabilitation of numerous smaller properties along Middlesex, Appleton, Summer and Gorham Streets.
  • Private investments including development of over 350 market-rate housing units, with another 100 housing units in development, representing over $100 million in private investment.

Plan Highlights

The JAM Plan's mid-way point is highlighted by the start of construction on the $42 million new home of the Lowell Community Heath Center on Jackson Street; a project only made possible by the Edward Early Jr. Parking Garage.

Another highlight is the Hamilton Canal District plan, which is the centerpiece development initiative of the JAM Plan and the City's comprehensive smart growth planning and redevelopment strategy embodied in the 2003 Comprehensive Master Plan.

Please visit the Hamilton Canal District Plan page for more information on this project.