Ayer's City Industrial Park Plan

Plan Overview

The Ayer's City Industrial Park Urban Revitalization and Development Project (Tanner Street Initiative) seeks to revitalize a traditional industrial area of Lowell with the potential to drive the next decade of job creation and industrial resurgence.

The Ayer's City Industrial Park encompasses approximately 108 acres of land located one mile south of Lowell's central business district. Today, most of the area is zoned as heavy industry, with some commercial and residential areas identified on the periphery.

Plan Development

The Ayer's City Industrial Park is a 20-year redevelopment plan for the section of Lowell around Tanner Street roughly bounded by the railroad tracks, Lowell Connector right-of-way and Plain Street. Ayer's City Industrial Park is the culmination of several recent planning efforts for the Tanner Street corridor.

Commencing concurrent with the City of Lowell's 2013 comprehensive plan update, and funded through an innovative funding program at the federal Environmental Protection Agency, the planning process for Ayer's City Industrial Park engaged a diverse group of neighborhood and City-wide stakeholders for detailed discussion and received comments from a broad range of participants in several public meetings to craft a vision of neighborhood transformation.

Plan Goals

The development of an urban revitalization and development project will allow the City to build on the Industrial Park's strengths to turn Tanner Street into the Ayer's City Industrial Park.

All of the recommendations in this revitalization plan are designed to support the transformation of Ayer's City Industrial Park into an area that is both economically and environmentally sustainable with new clean industries creating jobs.

The plan will also increase tax revenues and help create an attractive, healthy environment with improved multi-modal transportation opportunities and access to natural resources.

Plan Implementation

When implemented, the plan will result in:
  • $1.38 million in new annual tax revenues
  • 334,000 square feet of new development
  • Brownfields clean-up and redevelopment
  • Enhanced streetscapes to improve marketability
  • Improved gateways to and signage for the Plan Area
  • New and improved multi-modal access to and circulation within the Plan Area
  • New zoning to support redevelopment
  • Two new parks and a new greenway

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