Dumpster & Pod Permits

Permitting Information

Dumpster and Pod permits impacting the City streets are issued year-round. During winter months if there is a snow storm, permitted dumpsters will require removal off site at the permittee's expense. It is the discretion of the City Engineer's Office to take action if no action is taken by the permittee. If a street has been paved within the last five (5) years, the street is under Moratorium and additional requirements will be applied to the dumpster permit to avoid any damage to the new street surface.

Applying for a Dumpster/Pod Permit

1.) Review City Dumpster requirements in the City Permit Manual.

2.) Complete Dumpster/Pod Permit Application (see application below) with required information. Include the size/dimensions of the proposed dumpster/pod on the application. Physical copies of the permit are also available in the City Engineer's Office at City Hall.

3.) Obtain current Insurances from the dumpster/pod company.

4.) Provide a detailed sketch of the proposed dumpster/pod dimensions and location. Include distances of from nearby intersections (min 20-feet) and fire hydrants (min 5-feet).

5.) Include no-refundable application fee of $50.00 as part of the permit application. Additional meter bag fee will be required if dumpster/pod is placed in metered parking spot. 

6.) Submit complete Dumpster/Pod Permit Application, insurances, and sketch to the City Engineer's Office. Permits will require review by additional City Departments (Police, Fire, Parking, Transportation) and will be the responsibility of the applicant to have the permit delivered to the Departments for review before final approval. 

7.) The applicant will be notified if the final permit is approved or denied. 

8. Any damage to the existing sidewalk or roadway will be the responsibility of the applicant to restore, in kind.