On-Street Residential Parking Visitor's Pass


On-street residential parking passes are available for visitors, and is essential in certain areas (such as the North and South campus areas of UML) to avoid a parking ticket.

Obtaining a Visitor Pass

On-Street Residential Parking Visitor Passes are available as follows:
  1. Single family residences are allowed 1 pass per house (not per person).
  2. Multifamily residences are allowed 1 pass per unit/apartment (not per room or person).
  3. Landlord/Owner passes are not allowed or issued.
    • If a landlord/owner is having permitted work done on their property, a Contractor Pass may be issued.
  4. The resident must provide proof of residence within the City of Lowell with:
    • A valid drivers license, passport, or state ID.
    • A current utility bill, from within the past 30 days, for standard utilities only (cable, gas, or electric).
    • Utility bills from other utilities or past 30 days will not be accepted.
    • A current and valid lease agreement, clearly indicating the lease start and expiration date.
      • Lease agreements that do not clearly include the lease start date and expiration date will not be accepted.

Visitor Pass Regulations

On-Street Residential Parking Visitor Passes are subject to the following:
  1. Replacement passes are not issued, regardless of whether they are lost or stolen.
  2. Photocopying, duplicating, or otherwise tampering with passes will immediately invalidate it, and the vehicle will be subject to parking tickets/enforcement as appropriate.
  3. Passes are issued to specific vehicles and associated with specific RMV plates, and are immediately invalid (and subject to Parking Enforcement Tickets) if transferred to another vehicle, or if the plate number on the pass does not correspond with the plate number on the vehicle.
  4. The vehicle must be current on City of Lowell Motor Vehicle Taxes, and can not have any overdue parking tickets. No passes will be issued to any customer who has outstanding City of Lowell Motor Vehicle Excise taxes or Parking Tickets.
  5. Stickers can be purchased at the Parking garage office at 75 John St.

If you have additional comments, questions, or concerns, please contact the Parking and Garages Department at 978-674-4014 for assistance.