Home Occupation

The Zoning Ordinance allows some home occupations to be registered with Development Services and the City Clerk. View the Home Occupation Registration Form (PDF).

Apply for a Home Occupation

To apply for a Home Occupation:
  • A letter of authorization is required from a landlord or condo association where applicable.
  • All requests must be submitted in writing.

Home Occupation Guidelines

Home Occupations are subject to the following:
  • The sale of any commodity is not allowed, nor is the storage of any work-related equipment (tools, etc.).
  • There cannot be any non-resident employees reporting to the residence.
  • No signs are allowed except those allowed by the State of Massachusetts (i.e., Justice of the Peace).
  • Some home occupations require a Special Permit from the Zoning Board of Appeals (see Zoning Ordinance (PDF)).


Comments, questions, or concerns related to Home Occupations should be directed to the City Development Services Office at 978-674-4144, where every attempt to return your call in a timely manner will be made as appropriate - please note, however, that due to the volume of calls received, there may be delays in responding.