Andover Street Historic District

The Andover Street Historic District is one of Lowell’s most architecturally significant streets.  A little over a mile in length, its linear layout along the main route eastward towards Andover lent itself to the creation of the grand residential boulevard which it became.  The district includes homes built in the Federal, Italianate, Gothic Revival, Queen Anne, Shingle, Stick, Bungalow, and Colonial Revival styles.  Development of Andover Street began in the 1840s as it became a desirable address for the city's new upper class including mill owners, agents, and other successful businessmen.  The district was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 2000 and includes 165 structures.  In 2005, the Andover Street Neighborhood District was created, utilizing the same National Register boundaries, requiring review by the Lowell Historic Board of demolition, partial demolition, and new construction projects.
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Andover Street was originally part of Tewksbury and consisted primarily of farmland with a scattering of early to mid 19th century homes.  Lowell's increasing suburbanization, as well as an expanding horse-drawn streetcar system and later electrification, were the impetus for the annexations of the bulk of Andover Street in 1874 and 1888.  The final annexation occurred in 1906, bringing Andover Street to its current length.

During this era of multiple annexations, Andover Street experienced a surge in construction of middle to upper class homes.  The late 19th through the early 20th centuries saw the influx of Lowell's expanding middle class and Andover Street became one of the city's premier streets and addresses.

Within the district can be found the Worcester House at 658 Andover Street, the oldest house on the street built in 1802, that was listed individually on the National Register in 1983 as well as the Hoyt-Shedd Estate (1874, 1884) at 386 and 396 Andover Street and their rear carriage houses at 569 and 579 East Merrimack Street that were also individually National Register listed in 1984.

Andover Street Historic District Map

Andover Street Neighborhood District Review and Permitting Requirements