Open Space Projects

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The City of Lowell Department of Planning and Development prioritizes and implements open space and park improvement projects in alignment with the Open Space and Recreation Plan (OSRP). The OSRP outlines the City's action plan for improving parks and open spaces through 2026, when the Plan will be evaluated through a community engagement process and updated in-line with the community's vision and goals. 

For inquiries related to current or upcoming open space projects, please reach out to

If the inquiry is related to maintenance, please submit a request here.

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Open Space Project Highlights:

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On the Drawing Board (Timeline TBD):

The following parks are currently in the planning and design stages:
  • 1-Saint Louis Park
  • 2-Father Maguire Park
  • 3-Shedd Park
  • 4-O'Donnell Park
  • 5-Clemente Park
  • 6-North Common
  • 7-Hadley Park
  • 8-Koumantzelis Park
  • 9-Doane Street Park
  • 10-McDermott Reservoir
  • 11-Centralville River Path
  • 12-Donahoe Park
  • 13-Reilly School Community Playground
Lowell Open Space Map