Complete Streets - New 2023!

July 2023 - The City of Lowell is updating our Complete Streets Prioritization Plan! Last created in 2016, many identified projects are completed or are in design. It is time to create a new list of priorities to make our streets safer for all modes of transportation. We need your help! Please add your comments and concerns here:

Lowell CSPP Update (


The City of Lowell is committed to creating, maintaining and operating a safe and efficient multi-modal transportation network that accommodates all users while preserving the unique character of our neighborhoods. In order to do so, the City of Lowell adopted a Complete Streets policy in 2015, which gives the City access to grant funding of up to $400,000 per project on our Prioritization Plan. 

All transportation infrastructure projects requiring funding or approval by the City of Lowell, including those funded through M.G.L. Chapter 90, City improvement grants, Transportation Improvement Program (TIP), MassWorks Infrastructure Program, Community Development Block Grants (CDBG), National Park Service, as well as any other transportation infrastructure projects funded by the State of Massachusetts or by the federal government shall adhere to the City of Lowell Complete Streets Policy. Applicable projects include pavement resurfacing, restriping, signalization improvements, utility work, roadway widening and public transit projects.

In addition, all proposed revisions to zoning ordinances, subdivision regulations, design guidelines, master plans and other land use regulations, guidelines or templates shall integrate the Complete Streets Policy.