Pay For Parking

Current Parking Rates in Lowell

Hourly rates are the same for on-street and garage parking. Monthly rates are only applicable in City of Lowell parking garages.

Hourly Rates

  • On-street and garage parking increments: 30 cents for every 12 minutes or $1.50 for every hour of parking

Monthly Garage Passcard Rates  (Click Here)

How to Pay for On-Street Parking in Lowell

Pay Station

  • You can use any of our 175 Pay Stations to pay via Credit Card, Coins, or Notes. 
  • Pay Stations are conveniently placed in all areas where payment is required. 
  • If you find the nearest Pay Station struggling to accept your payment, please find the next closest station to pay your metered spot. A non working Pay Station does not mean your space is free. 
  • The Pay By Phone App is always a quick and easy way to pay for parking in Lowell.
  • More information about kiosk parking

Pay Station Instructions 3


  • Using the Passport Pay By Phone App is as easy as 1-2-3.
  • You can use your Smartphone to pay for your on-street parking in Lowell. Lowell has ONE parking zone (501). 
  • If you park in downtown Lowell frequently and are planning on using the Pay By Phone App to pay for your parking needs, you can create a Wallet via the Passport App.

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