Pay by Plate Metered Parking

Beginning May 23, 2023, the City of Lowell will begin using the "Pay by Plate" program for all on-street parking.

New parking kiosks will require customers to enter the zone in which they are parking and license plate of the car they are driving as part of the parking process.  

All meter enforcement will be driven off the license plate number entered for the zone in which you park.

Space numbers have been removed from city streets. No longer will you enter a space number for parking.  

5 easy steps will get you on your way:
1. Press the Green Start button.
2. Verify language (English, Spanish or Portuguese) and parking zone (see above).
3. Verify parking zone

4. Enter the license plate number.
5. Enter payment
On your way…….

Parking zones are posted on each street and at the kiosk you are using.  The kiosk being used will default to the zone it is in, but you can pay for parking in any zone at any kiosk.

Parking payments can be made on both the App and kiosk, starting at 7:00AM, one hour before enforcement begins at 8:00AM.

All meters are in effect Monday through Saturday 8 a.m. - 6 p.m. The on-street meter rate is:

  • 12 minutes - $0.30
  • 1 hour - $1.50

Locate a Kiosk!

Pay by Plate has been implemented on all streets identified by City ordinance. 

Use this map to find a kiosk.

Alphabetical Listing by Street:

ZONE #Meter #Street NameStreet Location
1246APP068Appleton StCenter of Verizon Building
1247ARC065Arcand Dr.On Arcand Corner of French
1247ARC066Arcand Dr.In front of LPD
1249BRN072Brown St.Recenter along Church Fence
1248BRT112Bartlett St.on Bartlett, corner of Fayette
1250CAB074Cabot St.On Cabot, close to canal
1250CAB075Cabot St.mounted in grass along field
1250CAB077Cabot St.on Cabot, corner of Hall
1250CAB079Cabot St.along UML lot/garage
1250CAB081Cabot St.redbrick building and lot
1250CAB082Cabot St.At 175 Cabot
1251CAN048Canal St.Move across street
1251CAN049Canal St.tree awnings of apt building
1251CAN050Canal St.Center on apt building
1251CAN051Canal St.Corner of Canal & Jackson
1253CCH127Church St.Between 40 and 54 Church St
1296CEN016Central St.  (2)On Central near Merrimack/Flip Flop
1296CEN017Central St. (2)LPD / Eastern Bank
1252CEN093Central St. Espresso Pizza
1252CEN094Central St. near bridge
1252CEN095Central St. new Jackson St
1291DAV113Davidson St.Along Building
1291DAV114Davidson St.Along Building
1254DMR097Dummer St.Dummer & Market
1255DMR099Dummer St.In lot
1255DMR098Market St.In Lot
1257EJE001Early Garageinside Early Garage-AC Power
1257EJE002Early Garageinside Early Garage-AC Power
1258ELL100Elliot StElliot St
1256EMK102E. Merrimack St.MCC Library
1256EMK103E. Merrimack St.MCC Main Campus
1256EMK104E. Merrimack St.Gervais Lot
1256EMK105E. Merrimack St.LMA Front at Bridge
1256EMK106E. Merrimack St.73 E. Merrimack St
1256EMK107E. Merrimack St.In front of IC Church
1256EMK108E. Merrimack St.Across from IC Church
1260FAY111Fayette St.
1259FRM171Fr. Morrissette BLVDNear JDCU Main Office
1259FRM174Fr. Morrissette BLVDCorner of FMB and Cabot
1259FRM178Fr. Morrissette BLVDTop of FMB /James St
1259FRM179Fr. Morrissette BLVDAiken and FMB, Apts side
1259FRM180Fr. Morrissette BLVDFMB and Aiken St/Condo side
1259FRM183Fr. Morrissette BLVDFMB at lot across from Suffolk
1259FRM184Fr. Morrissette BLVDAcross from JDCU
1263GOR120Gorham St.across from Towers News
1263GOR121Gorham St.Appleton side of lot
1262GSM115Gershom St.on Gershom St near Apt bldg
1262GSM116Gershom St. LotIn Lot
1265HAL124Hall St.On Hall, corner of Aiken
1265HAL125Hall St.Middle along field
1265HAL126Hall St.Middle of streat opposite field
1289HCID01Canal St.On Canal at Dutton St
1289HCID02Francis St.on Francis St, across from Garage
1289HCID03Francis Canal to right
1289HCID04Francis Canal to right
1266HRD129Hurd St.Sage Bank
1266HRD130Hurd old courthouse
1266HRD131Hurd St.end of street, UTEC
1266HRD133Hurd St.Central and Hurd
1267JAK052Jackson St.Social Pup
1267JAK053Jackson St.Across from LCCS
1267JAK055Jackson St.Near footbridge
1294JAK056Jackson St. (2)Canal side corner of jackson/Canal
1268JHN006John St.In Front of Lowell 5
1268JHN007John St. At Mill42 CU
1269KRK059Kirk St.St Anne Church
1269KRK060Kirk StWIC Office
1270LEE056Lee St.At Lowell 5 side
1270LEE057Lee St.Same side of st as Shrine
1270LEE058Lee St.Opposite shrine/ Madison Sec
1271LRY186Leroy LotMiddle of Lot
1273MAR005Marston St.Early Garage Lobby
1275MDL009Middle St.Eyeful Beauty
1275MDL011Middle St.Village Smokehouse
1275MDL013Middle St.Rogers Pool
1275MDL015Middle St.Corner of Middle and Shattuck
1277MDY187Moody St.Moody Lot
1274MER023Merrimack St.Classic Convienence
1274MER024Merrimack St.El Potro
1274MER025Merrimack St.Enterprise Mortgage Center
1274MER026Merrimack St.Enterprise Lot, Blue Fence
1274MER027Merrimack St.Subway
1274MER029Merrimack St.St Anne's Church
1274MER030Merrimack St.United Dental
1290MER040Merrimack St.Holly Crab
1295MER043Merrimack St. (2)City Hall Front
1295MER044Merrimack St. (2)Between CH and Library
1295MER045Merrimack St. (2)Viet Thai
1295MER046Merrimack St. (2)Goodyear
1295MER047Merrimack St. (2)Ladd & Whitney Mounument
1298MER143Merrimack St. (3)Move around 452 Merrimack
1274MER144Merrimack St. (3)445 Merrimack St
1274MER146Merrimack St. (3)Santander Bank
1274MER147Merrimack St. (3)in front of lot
1274MER148Merrimack St. (3)development
1274MER149Merrimack St. (3)586 Merrimack St
1274MER150Merrimack St. (3)Excel Package Store
1274MER151Merrimack St. (3)near old JDCU building
1272MKT031Market St.Canal Place
1272MKT034Market St.Align Credit Union
1272MKT035Market St.Woft and Weft
1272MKT037Market St.Market
1272MKT038Market St.Brewed Awakening
1297MKT134Market St. (2)Old Flower Mill
1297MKT136Market St. (2)Tasty Dumplings
1299MKT137Market St.Corner of Market and FOP
1299MKT138Market St.Olympia Resturant
1299MKT139Market St.Next to housing
1297MKT141Market St. (2)Paint Store
1299MKT185Market St.along housing
1276MLS003Middlesex St.Front of RMV
1276MLS004Middlesex St.LPD Training
1276MLS153Middlesex St.Across from Shelter
1276MLS155Middlesex St.Golden Cuts
1276MLS156Middlesex St.Smokestack
1276MLS188Middlesex St.Across from Wash Saving Bank
1276MLS189Middlesex St.End of Marston St
1276MLS190Middlesex St.Across from RMV
1276MLS191Middlesex St.Washington Savings
1278OCP041FR. O'Connell PRKYNext to SBC
1278OCP042FR. O'Connell PRKYnext to Metro PCS
1268Office75 John Stin parking office
1280PAL019Palmer St.Coffee Shop
1280PAL020Palmer St.Corner of Market and Palmer
1281PER158Perkins St.Across from Garage
1281PER159Perkins St.across from lot
1281PER160Perkins St.Corner of Perkins and Aiken
1279PGE062Paige Stacross from parking office
1279PGE063Paige StParking Lot
1282PRE185Prescott St.on right
1284SFK083Suffolk St.At space 899
1284SFK085Suffolk St.Shattuck and Hall
1283SHT021Shattuck St.Opposite QuiltMuseum
1283SHT022Shattuck St.Mack Building
1284SUF086Suffolk St.corner of Suffolk and Hall
1285UNV163University store
1286WAR128Warren St.UTEC
1286WAR165Warren St.opposite LL Entrance
1286WAR167Warren St.Bagshaw Mills
Wiilams and George
1287WIL168Williams StCentral and Williams
1288WOR169Worthen St.Worthen and Market

Time Limit:

The majority of meters / Kiosks adhere to a maximum time limit, in which you will need to move your car after this time. If you extend your session beyond the maximum time limit you are now meter feeding and are subject to being ticketed.

Any parking longer than 2 hours should be at one of the six city parking garages.

15-Minute Parking:

Free 15-minute parking is allowed on Central, Market, Merrimack, and Palmer Streets as a trial.  Kiosks on these streets will have a green 15-Minute button.   Push this button and enter your license plate number for a free 15-minute time limit.   You will need to enter your license plate number on the kiosk for your free time and you must use the kiosk, the App will not support this function.   

If you enter anything different from your license plate number at a kiosk, you are subject to a citation.

If you choose to stay, additional funds must be added.

Please note that all Kiosk run on real time.

"Bag" a Meter

Any person or company working in the downtown, moving, etc., and needs to have their work vehicle/moving van close to the site, may rent an orange "No Parking Sign". Please note the following information:

  • The cost is $14 per space/day.
  • Bags/signs can be picked up and returned at John St Parking Facility located at 75 John St.

Broken Meters

If the kiosk you are using is broken or jammed, you should move to a functioning kiosk or use the App.  

If your meter is broken and you receive a ticket, please report the broken meter to 978-674-4014 and appeal the ticket with any evidence you have that indicates that there was an issue with the kiosk..