Co-Response Jail Diversion

Co-Response Jail Diversion

The Lowell Police Department fully implemented a Co-Response Jail Diversion program in July 2021 with funds through the Massachusetts Department of Mental Health and the Department of Justice Bureau of Justice Assistance. The program includes having mental health clinicians embedded in the police department to respond with LPD officers to calls for service where the officer believes the clinician would be an asset, including but not limited to: mental health related, domestic violence, car accidents, sudden deaths, etc. The LPD is partnering with Advocates, Inc. to hire clinicians. Additionally, the LPD has been working towards training at least 20% of sworn officers in Critical Incident Teams (CIT). CIT training is a full week, 40-hour course and the LPD currently has approximately 30 officers trained. The LPD is also working towards training 100% of sworn personnel in Mental Health First Aid training, which is a one day, 8-hour course and the LPD currently has approximately 45 officers trained. The LPD is also partnering with UMass Lowell’s Center for Community Research and Engagement department as the research partner.


Advocates, Inc.

Advocates Community Justice programs support men and women whose involvement in the criminal justice system is rooted in behavioral health problems, such as addiction, mental health conditions, or trauma. Our programs address these underlying causes by connecting participants to appropriate treatment, housing, vocational opportunities and social services, so that they can lead healthy and productive lives in the community. By reducing repeat offenses, they also help make our communities healthier and safer for everyone.

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