Public Records

Welcome to the City of Lowell’s Public Records page.  On this page, you will find contact information for requesting public records, as well as some guidelines to help you with your request.  

To request a copy of a public record, please contact the Records Access Officer (RAO) for the relevant department, listed below.  You may contact the relevant RAO through this website, by mail, facsimile, or in person.  If the relevant department is not listed, please direct your public records request to the Law Department.  

 When requesting a public record, please keep the following guidelines in mind:

 Please be as specific as possible in your request, including document type and time period, to help the City respond quickly and accurately

  • The City will respond to your request in electronic format, unless you specify otherwise
  • Depending on the extent of your request, the City may charge a fee for the production of records.  If this is the case, you will be sent an invoice to be paid before the records are produced
  • Many public records are available online through the City’s website.  Please look at the links provided on this page to see if the records you are requesting are already available.

You may submit an public records request on line by submitting a form here!