Burial Permits

The Commonwealth of Massachusetts requires that the City of Lowell issue a burial permit to transport or bury any resident or non-resident that has passed away within the city limits. Typically, permits are generated in conjunction with area funeral homes.

The $20 fee for a burial permit is now payable on-line at https://www.invoicecloud.com/portal/(S(jbohefqpolhdnthcipz0y5ye))/2/cloudstore.aspx?cs=A30224FE-366D-49A5-B4D1-486F0A80DE95&bg=df4c9b56-182b-4199-b0db-f20392ea18e0&return=Site.aspx%3fG%3d055baa3f-ac74-481f-a9c5-db32d3f1d5ae  

For decedents who are a Veteran, upon completion with the minimum of the Branch of Service, Date of entry and discharge, and the Service number on tab 2A “Veteran Status”, there will be a permit fee of $0.00.  Payment is required if the minimum required information is not provided.

For more information on burial permits, veteran burial permits, fetal death permits, and reinternment or disinterment permits please contact Kristin McMahon directly at 978-674-1754.

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