Musketaquid Mill

Listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1999, the Musketaquid Mill is located at 131 Davidson Street.  It was originally built in 1909, with additions in 1912 and between 1915-1925, and was part of a section of Lower Belvidere that become a densely developed cluster of industrial buildings.  The U.S. Worsted Company built this mill on the site of White Brothers and Company Leather Factory.  To the west was the New England Bunting Company; to the north was the Lowell Suburban Railway Company; and to the south was the Belvidere Woolen Mills.  By 1950, the Musketaquid Mill was the sole remaining industrial property in the area.  By 1931, U.S. Worsted sold the factory to the A.F. French Box Manufacturing Company who remained here until the 1980s.