Worcester House

Listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1983, the Worcester House is located at 658 Andover Street. The oldest house along Andover Street, it was originally built in 1802 in the Federal style with later Greek Revival style alterations (ca. 1840). Located in what was originally part of Tewksbury, the house was built by Eldad Worcester and was the focal point of a 65 acre farm.  When built, all of the surrounding areas were entirely woodlands and farmland while this portion of Andover Street was a country road connecting to the center of Tewksbury.   In 1906, this portion of Andover Street was annexed to Lowell.

The Worcester House is also located within the Andover Street Historic District that was listed on the National Register in 2000 as well as the Andover Street Neighborhood Districtcreated in 2005, requiring review by the Lowell Historic Board of demolition, partial demolition, and new construction projects.