St. Patrick's Church

Listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1985, St. Patrick's Church is located at 284 Suffolk Street. It was the first Catholic church in the city and was built to serve and expanding population of Irish immigrants to Lowell during the mid 19th century. The current Gothic Revival granite church was built between 1853 and 1874, replacing a smaller wood-frame church built in 1831. A major fire in 1904 necessitated the reconstruction of much of the gutted interior.

St. Patrick's was designed by prominent architect Patrick Keely whose other Lowell works include the Immaculate Conception Church (140 East Merrimack Street; 1868), St. Michael's Church (543 Bridge Street; 1884-1900), and the demolished St. Peter's Church (Gorham Street; 1892-1900).
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St. Patrick's Church is also located within the National Register-listed Lowell National Historical Park & Preservation District as well as the Downtown Lowell Historic District under the design review and permitting jurisdiction of the Lowell Historic Board.

Architects of Note - Patrick Keely 

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