Design Section


The Design Section of the Planning and Development Department is responsible for all the physical planning and improvements of sites and districts in the City.

It's activities range from envisioning conceptual possibilities for development to the nuts and bolts of managing, implementing and constructing specific projects. It also makes recommendations on applications seeking variances from the Lowell Sign Code.

Development Schematics

In response to the various parcels that become available or are currently underutilized, or to provide for a current demand for a new use, the design section generates possible scenarios and layouts for potential development.

These site plans are not intended to be a final site layout or contract document, but rather an exploration of potential opportunities and options and sometimes to guide potential developers in providing a contextual infill for the surrounding neighborhood.
Example of design rendering for a city project

Landscape Design

The landscape arm of the design department is most active in providing natural and recreational features for Lowell. Among its
many responsibilities include:

The design and construction of parks and playgrounds throughout the City.
  • Acquiring grants for the rehabilitation of historic parks
  • City-wide Playground design and construction
  • Landscaping traffic intersections
  • Receiving a tree maintenance grant and managing same
  • Streetscape amenities including trees and flower baskets
Olga Nieves playground with four square court

Signage & Graphics

Signage and graphics provide both the directions and information of the City's features. The design department has been instrumental in organizing the City's wayfinding programs and in the design of graphics for special events. It also makes recommendations to the Zoning Board on applications regarding signage.
A wayfinding sign containing map information of the city